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    Terms And Conditions

    1. Fees

      Fees must be prepaid 4/5 weeks in advance. Resource fund charges are payable atthe start of each term. Our payment terms are strictly within 5 working days. For anyone who does not pay their fees and any charges on time, Little SparkesPreschool reserve the right to terminate any agreement and discharge your child from the setting without ANY prior notice.

      Payment can be made online via BACS transfer to the following bank details:

      Account Name: Little Sparkes Preschool

      Account No: 63271943

      Sort Code: 20-20-37

      Bank: Barclays

      You MUST use your child’s name as the payment reference so we can identify youand avoid any late payment notices. Remittance advices can be emailed to info@littlesparkespreschool.co.uk

      If paying by cash please ensure you obtain a receipt from a senior member of staff.

      Childcare vouchers will be accepted if they are available through your place of work. Please ask your employer or voucher provider to call us to set up an account.

    2. Notice of Withdrawal

      4 weeks advance notice must be given in writing prior to withdrawal of your child fromthe preschool. Full fees will be payable for this period.

      If you have registered your child for our preschool and have confirmed a startingdate, then decide not to take up your place, 4 weeks’ notice will still be required andfees payable for this period for holding your place.

    3. Registration Fee

      All children will receive a free bookbag. Registration is currently £50.00.

      Winchmore Hill Cricket Club, Firs Lane, London, N21 3ER

    4. Resource Fund (Extra Curriculum)- £70.00

      Payable every Term to the preschool on start date.

    5. Absence/Sick

      You must contact the preschool at the first instance to report your child as sick orabsent. Fees will remain fully payable for any absent/sick/holiday days taken.

    6. Late Collections

      You must collect your child on time we advise to arrive early. We do not acceptlateness, you will be charged £1.00 for every additional minute past your pick up timeso we can recover our additional costs incurred on your behalf. These additionalcharges will be itemised on your next invoice, persistent lateness will not be toleratedand no excuses will be accepted.

    7. Additional Costs (optional)

      Little Sparkes jumpers/t-shirts/bags are available for purchase within the preschool,please ask a member of staff for assistance. You are not obligated to buy any of theabove.

    8. Car Park

      The main car park is available for use. Use of the gate leading to the pathway is nowprohibited due to reasons beyond our control.

    I permit my child to receive Emergency Medical Treatment if the parents/guardians cannot be contacted

    I permit my child to receive first aid from our staff as well as the application of sun cream during hot weather periods

    I permit my child to be included in single or group photographs and videos which may be displayed and/or used within the preschool. This also includes “The Parents Whatts App” group and “Tapestry.”

    I permit Little Sparkes Preschool to use any observational photos & parent testimonials for the purposes of marketing activities (children’s faces will be pixelated in images used)

    I permit staff at Little Sparkes Preschool to carry out observations, keep records and build profiles on my child

    I permit my child to take part in some activities within the confines of the hall and the outside play areas, as well as some short, fully supervised visits to the library

    I hereby verify that all information provided to ‘Little Sparkes Preschool’ is true and correct and the setting will not be held responsible for anything that may occur as a result of false or missing information. I am aware that if a place is awarded on the basis of false information it will be withdrawn

    I have read, understood and fully accept the terms and conditions along with the privacy notice and wish to enrol my child into ‘Little Sparkes Preschool’ giving the above consents

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    Sun Safe Nursery Policy

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    We are pleased to announce that Little Sparkes Preschool are taking steps to adopt a Sun Safe Nursery policy. The content of which forms part of our duty of care to ensure the health and wellbeing of your child/children during nursery hours.

    This is a voluntary undertaking by the nursery following an invitation from Sun Safe Nurseries (an Award Scheme), which has been developed by national skin cancer charity 'Skcin', to encourage the necessary culture change regarding attitudes towards sun safety required to combat the soaring rates of skin cancer in the UK.

    Whilst we recognise that some sun is good for us, we are mindful of the importance of protecting the children in our care from the dangers of over exposure to UV.

    Skin cancer is now the most common and fastest rising cancer in the UK. Malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of the disease is now the most common cancer in young adults aged 15-34. Burning as a young child can cause irreparable damage to a child’s delicate skin, that over time can develop with serious consequences.

    However, the good news is that skin cancer is almost entirely preventable and simple steps can be undertaken to ensure that your child’s skin is protected from the suns harmful rays.

    We therefore believe that together we have a duty of care to ensure that our children grow up with sufficient knowledge of sun safety and that all children at our nursery are adequately protected against the sun’s harmful rays. As such we will be utilising the Sun Safe Nurseries Scheme to teach children in our care basic sun safe messages through engaging teaching resources.

    In addition, whilst we have always strongly encouraged parents to send their child/children to nursery with sunscreen and a hat to use during outdoor play in the hotter months, we understand parents sometimes forget. As part of gaining our Sun Safe Nursery Status we are committed to ensuring that all parents/guardians are further informed and reminded of the importance of sending your child into nursery with an appropriate sun hat and quality sunscreen.

    Sun hats should be either broad-brimmed or legionnaire style (to shade the face, neck and ears that can easily burn) and sunscreen should offer broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with a minimum 4 star rating and Sun Protection Factor 30+. (Please label each item with your child’s name to ensure its safe return).

    As part of our commitment to providing a sun safe environment we also recognise that role models have a key part to play in influencing children’s behaviour in regard to sun protection practices. It is therefore important that our staff as well as parents and/or guardians are seen to be actively adopting the same sun safe practices. We have therefore also supplied each parent/guardian with a ‘Sun Safety Fact Sheet’ provided by the national skin cancer charity Skcin, for you to read and retain.

    We hope you understand our concern for the health and wellbeing of your child/children and therefore ask that you kindly fill in the slip below and return it to the nursery office in recognition of our correspondence.

    For further information about skin cancer, its prevention, sun safety and the charity ‘Skcin’, please visit www.skcin.org

    Yours Sincerely,
    Little Sparkes Preschool

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